SAAS Fundation package icon SAAS Fundation package

Powerful ERP software to boost your business, without investments

The step towards an integrated ERP package is not evident for many small and medium-sized companies. After all, your budgets are tight and the IT infrastructure and team are often limited. To lower the threshold of the implementation of a powerful ERP solution, e-Kenz offers you a complete and flexible management solution in SaaS mode based on a monthly rate by user depending on required services.

SaaS (“Software as a Service”) is to be understood as a service offered to the customer. Rather than investing in a dedicated IT infrastructure, the user buys a global service including the software, hosting services, assistance, support, etc.

Thanks to our solutions, SMEs will have the opportunity to cut expenses and dedicated time spent on the management of their IT solutions; time and money can be allocated to their core business.

e-Kenz takes care of:

  • The implementation phase
  • The required trainings and documentation
  • Hosting on e-Kenz servers
  • Continuous availability and software maintenance

Flexible financing:

  • No project investment
  • Hosting subscription (licenses and maintenance) = fixed monthly amount (2,3 or 4 years)
  • IT services based on usage

Why ?

  • Powerful, integrated SAP software
  • Low and transparent IT budget
  • Implementation is 5 to 10 x faster live
  • Free your resources for your core business

Technical specifications :

  • Hosted at DataCenter at Luxemburg
  • Secured with a Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Data transition in a Virtual Private Network through Firewall Appliance
  • Known user interface via Windows & Office 365