e-Kenz supports 3.0 telecommunications operator in rapid growth

JOIN, the first European operator in mobile communication and IT-Cloud, launched its innovative services around combined telecom/IT on January 25th 2014.

The vision of JOIN: to become the preferred 3.0 telecommunications operator with a focus on the international markets of the future.

One of the backbones of this operation: e-Kenz and its SAP® All-in-One offer.

Implement a solid and flexible infrastructure

For its launch beginning of 2014, JOIN urgently needed a complete solution that would allow them to manage their day-to-day business processes efficiently; they needed it fast and from a renowned partner.

To enable rapid deployment, while meeting all of JOIN’s functional requirements, e-Kenz recommended SAP® Business All-in-One solution, providing comprehensive support for core business processes of midsize companies. A quick implementation of the project, in only 6 months, was ensured by a skillful management from both parties and experienced consultants delivering strong expertise in SAP analysis, implementation and support.

 “We are very satisfied with the very professional support we received from e-Kenz to put in place our SAP infrastructure. They were very fast reactive and available at any time in order to meet the requirements in this very short period of time”, said François Lichtfouse from JOIN.
Indeed, the collaboration between JOIN and e-Kenz revealed a common ground from a business point of view. Both parties offer an effective product range with transparent billing giving customers the ability to anticipate their costs, offering continued services matching the needs of the customers, and handling entire infrastructures.

Supporting a booming business

JOIN now benefits form an integrated, company-wide information solution generating efficient data management in order to focus more on strategic planning and innovation. As they grow, this will enable them to steer their development more effectively.

“e-Kenz is proud to collaborate with this new dynamic company which perfectly matches e-Kenz’ own vision of innovation, quality services and focus on the future“, concludes Amal Choury managing director of e-Kenz.

According to JOIN, they are at the forefront of the industry and e-Kenz is willing to help them meet today’s needs while giving them the flexibility to adapt to future needs.

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